We have been seeing so many cool New Year’s party printables and DIY ideas around the web, that we have carefully culled it down to 13 of our very favorites to spare you the challenging Pinterest search with promising how-to photos that  lead to dead ends or instructions in Japanese. Whether you’re celebrating New Year’s Eve with a hundred of your closest friends (because you know, parents get to do that every year), or you just want to feel festive while you’re snuggled on the couch watching Ryan Seacrest, we hope these DIY ideas help make your evening sparkly and fun.


New Year's Party Printables and DIY: Gold sparkle bottles | Cool Mom Picks

Glitter Champagne Bottles
How fabulous are these DIY glitter champagne bottles? Follow the tutorial on the Evite blog, and your party will be so bling, Kanye and Kim would feel right at home. [h/t alpha mom]


New Year's Party Printables and DIY: Wine tag at How About Orange | Cool Mom Picks

Free Printable Wine Bottle Tags
Similar to the printable bottle tags we recommended for last-minute holiday gifts, These printable modern wine label tags from How About Orange are a nice little detail to add to a bottle you’re bringing to a party host.


New Year's Party Printables and DIY: Cupcake toppers | Cool Mom Picks

Free Printable Cupcake Toppers and Bar Poster
I love the sophisticated look of these gorgeous printable cupcake toppers and the Bubbly Bar poster from Haute Chocolate’s blog. While you’re there, check out the sleek striped wine bottle labels and the 2014 banner. Hey, no one has to know that your perfectly coordinated party was as simple as clicking Print.


New Year's Party Printables and DIY: Sequin photo booth | Cool Mom Picks

DIY Sequin Photo Booth Tutorial
No party is complete these days without a photo booth, and I love this DIY tutorial for a sequined backdrop. It’s fun for the adults, but wow, would my kids love playing with my camera in front of this. I have a feeling it would be totally worth the time it would take to hang all those sequins on the butcher paper, especially if you follow this DIY photo booth tutorial to set one up using your own laptop.

New Year's Party Printables and DIY: Printable NYE poster | Cool Mom Picks

Printable New Year’s Eve Poster
I love this whimsical NYE party poster by Etsy’s PitterPatterNursery. Sometimes it’s nice to have break from silver and gold and black on the big night, so I’m excited to find this pretty pink accent. I think I’d hang it on the front door or right inside the entry to my party, so the fun tone is set as soon as guests arrive.($5 download)

New Year's Party Printables and DIY: Glitter crown | Cool Mom Picks

New Year’s Eve Glitter Crown Printable
I love these glittered crown printables from Etsy shop Creative Union Design. I’d make these for the kids to play with at the party—there’s not much my daughter and her friends like more than glitter and crowns, except maybe staying up extra late. Yep, she should be in heaven. The only catch: You need glitter paper. Otherwise they’re just crowns. ($5 download)

New Year's Party Printables and DIY: Party tiaras | Cool Mom Picks

DIY Party Tiaras
If the party crowns don’t inspire you, maybe a glittery and feathery tiara is more your style. I love these designed by HGTV. But instead of spending hours crafting them for my guests beforehand, I think I’d set up a tiara-making station at my house which would make a fun project. You can even add top hats in there for the gentlemen. Then we can party like royals (rooooyals… ) all night long.


New Year's Party Printables and DIY: Free food tags | Cool Mom Picks

Free Printable New Year’s Food Tags
If you’re having a potluck, food labels can be super helpful to guests who are wondering what they are eating. Print out these free food labels from Living Locurto which are great for gifting, but also  make your food table look fabulous, and save you from having to say “that’s an Artichoke and Roasted Garlic Dip”  all night long.


New Year's Party Printables and DIY: Gold star garland | Cool Mom Picks

Printable Gold Star Garland
While the Etsy shop that sells these is on vacation (hopefully somewhere nice and peaceful), all you need to make this stunning gold star garland is metallic paper, a star-shaped craft punch, and a sewing machine ideally with gold or tan thread. It’s perfect for a front door, or transforming your space to make for a magical night. This is one of those DIY projects that ends up looking so much cooler than the time it took you to make it.

UPDATE: This shop seems to have permanently closed. Here are shops that do sell the identical (or close to identical) item:

Sibling Stitch
Happy Holiday Decor
Mailbox Happiness


New Year's Party Printables and DIY: Party horns | Cool Mom Picks

Free Printable New Year’s Eve Party Horns
We’re seeing lots of tutorials for making noisemakers from scratch and uh…no. But this is a simple (and free!) printable from Love the Day to help you dress up the dollar-store horns that you already own and make them that much cooler. Even if your kids don’t make it up to midnight, you know they’ll be blowing on these suckers all night long.


New Year's Party Printables and DIY: Gold dipped feathers | Cool Mom Picks

Gold Dipped Feathers DIY
These gold-and-glitter dipped feathers might be my very favorite party accessory. The DIY at the CopenHaven is so simple yet the result is totally chic, and they look like something you’d pay a lot for in a store.  In just a little bit of time, you could make dozens of these to stick into floral arrangements, add to tiaras or party hats, or just arrange on your table.


New Year's Party Printables and DIY -Glitter matchboxes | Cool Mom Picks

DIY Glitter Matchboxes
So creative, these glitter matchboxes are super easy to make, and really fun at a party, especially if you have kids there. I love how they’re numbered for each hour of the countdown, so those guests who might be party hopping or those who might be hitting the sack early (again with the kids) will have a chance to celebrate too. As the clock strikes eight, nine, ten o’clock, open up a box of glitter and blow those fancy party horns! Then let your kids play with the vacuum the next day (or week, or month) to clean it all up.

Because let’s be honest, no one likes starting the new year with a champagne hangover and 8 pounds of glitter on the floor.