Their purpose may be pretty utilitarian, but I love how a really good set of coasters can embellish a table, almost like a piece of jewelry jazzing up a basic outfit. And the handmade Italian-stone coasters I spotted on Etsy at Meadow Tea would look much nicer on my coffee tables than the round cardboard coasters pilfered from the local bar.

Yes, I still have those. Don’t judge.

Vintage Post stone coasters | Cool Mom Picks

Retro stone coaster set | Cool Mom Picks

Meadow Tea’s Wood You stone coaster set (shown at top) includes four faux bois-style coasters with a crimson heart etched into the trunk of a tree; a very cool little anniversary gift or Valentine’s gift for a couple who doesn’t need another picture frame. There’s also a weathered Vintage Post stone coaster set which works really beautifully on the rough hewn stone. But I happen to like the designs with a wink like the toy Viewmaster, mix tape, typewriter, and old Polaroid camera

Then get ready to explain to the kids that the coaster is where their cups go, and, yes, we really did once type on that thing.

Check out all of Meadow Tea‘s many handmade Italian-stone coasters in their Etsy store.





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