Bold. Graphic. Modern. Who’d have guessed the humble coaster could be so fun–and protect furniture so gorgeously? Bonus: They’re sturdy enough for your kids, too.


The gorgeous coasters from ArtisEverything on Etsy are sturdy enough to survive three generations of sweating sweet tea glasses. Shop owner Iris designs each set, then impregnates the wood with a special printing process that isn’t glued and can’t be peeled off. The bright, shiny finish will last and protect your furniture for years to come. And even if your kids use them as adorable little frisbees, they’ll take a licking and keep on…um…coasting.

There are dozens of sharp designs, unexpected shapes, and fab colors. You can buy a four-pack or six-pack, or request a custom set. The shop also offers some pretty cool wall clocks and business card holders. Pretty, hard-working, and stylish–hey, sounds like you, mama. –Delilah
Find lovely, mod coasters at ArtisEverything on Etsy.

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