Mmmm, cashmere. I mostly appreciate this indulgent glorious material from afar, because my lifestyle can’t really support a cashmere habit (although I might make an exception for these Ivory Row cashmere sweaters.) So here’s a fabulous–and affordable–new way to wear cashmere: the innovative, handmade textile jewelry designs from the Aliquid Textile Jewels Etsy shop.

Wow, are we are happy to add this totally original shop to our recent cool jewelry finds.

These statement pieces are guaranteed to garner compliments from everyone at the dinner party. Or you know, the other parents at curriculum night. The designs all hail from Italy where the designer makes each piece to order with Italian materials like cashmere, mohair, linen, and silk, executed in a gorgeous palette of colors in what I think are truly excellent designs.

Aliquid winter cashmere rope necklace| Cool Mom PicksAliquid winter white crochet earrings | Cool Mom PicksAliquid grey and black cashmere layer necklace | Cool Mom Picks

Handwoven and crocheted, each piece from Aliquid Textile Jewels is a lovely contradiction of softness and bold, modern flair. This is the perfect jewelry for people who need a break from metals, or for folks who want quiet non-clangy adornments, like new moms.

Personally, I am lusting hard for the amazing rope necklace which just seems like a perfect cozy winter accessory for every occasion. Yes, I may just have to indulge in a little mid-season accessory love affair.

Find gorgeous handmade cashmere jewelry online at Aliquid Textile Jewels. They ship directly from the designer in Italy in about 8-12 days.