Because we’re huge fans of moms everywhere, we’re also fans of Bono and his ONE organization and Project (RED). Especially because of what they’re doing during the Super Bowl tonight: U2 will release their new single, Invisible, (produced by the very cool Danger Mouse) on iTunes, all to help raise money to provide HIV/AIDS medicine to go to the 250,000 babies still born with HIV each year.

Here’s the thing — it is free! But it will only be available from 6:00 pm Sunday night until 11:59 pm EST Monday night through the Project (RED) Site.

[update: here’s the link for the U2 Invisible song download.]


For each download of the song tonight, Bank of America will give $1 to the Global Fund to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV. Even cooler — the download is free. It just doesn’t get easier than this.

Oh, and if you want to give more, Bank of America will match it. Because they’re cool like that.

Bono has been crusading for the health of moms and kids living in extreme poverty practically since he became a star in the early 80s and I love that we’re all seeing huge results from his lifelong effort. Back when I was in junior high, nervously slow dancing with cute boys to One, Bono was putting the gears in motion that have reduced the cost of life-saving antiretrovirals from around $10,000 a year to about $140 a year. This is amazing progress. And we’re going to see even more of it today.

Be cool this weekend. Download U2’s single Invisible and save lives. For real. 

Our our editor Liz sits on the advisory board for ONE’s women’s and girls’ campaigns.