In honor of World AIDS Day today, there’s a lot you can do. It can be as simple as signing a petition to keep funding for AIDS treatment and prevention going to save the lives of moms and babies. It can be talking to your kids about AIDS and how far we’ve come with treatment and research. And it can be making a generous contribution through the simple act of shopping.

The Project (RED) shop offers a lot of great products that help support AIDS research and treatment to various degrees. But what I particularly love is this FEED (RED) Love 30 bag. This cool burlap bag is perfect for grocery hauls, library books or beach days, but wha makes it more perfect is that when you buy one, it provides about 30 days of ARV treatment through the Global Fund, plus 30

In other words, one entire month of life-saving assistance for one human being, or two human beings if it’s a mom preventing the ransmission to her baby.

Not bad for a tote bag. –Liz

Check out the complete collection at the Project (RED) shop. I know there’s something there that would make someone on your list very happy.