We’ve found such an abundance of cool jewelry for Valentine’s Day lately that I wanted to throw one more into the fray. Just in case you needed even more choices: a cloisonne Je T’aime heart pendant at Poketo. I shouldn’t be surprised that it was designed by Kristine Schmidt of Yellow Owl Workshop, because I love so much of her work. As for the pendant, it’s playful, it’s bold, and it’s got a kick of 22k gold gilding to keep it a little more grown up. Plus the packaging is wonderful if you take a look — all for a great price.


The other pendants she makes are lovely too. Looking out the window at the neverending snow here, I could certainly use that rainbow right about now.

Find the Je t’aime cloisonne heart pendant by Kristin Schmidt, along with other pretty pendants for Valentine’s Day, online at Poketo

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