My kids complain because we never use wrapping paper at Christmas. We’ve been using the same reusable fabric for all our gifts since they were born, but I think I’ve found a little something from CMP Fave Yellow Owl Workshop that might make me reconsider.

The Mixtape Stamp Activity Kit is begging for presents to be wrapped in brown craft paper. Wrap ’em up, skip the ribbons, and decorate them with one of these awesome natural rubber stamps and the included blue ink pad. Adorable. Plus it’s just so darn cute to imagine filling in the “to” and “from” spaces with the included tiny red pencil. How can I resist?

I also love that the kit isn’t holiday-specific, so that when my kids are late for a birthday party and there’s no time to make a card, we can just stamp the present, fill in the names, and we’ll be good to go.

That ought to stop the whining about wrapping paper. Until, of course, they start complaining that they have no idea what a mixtape is. Sigh.

Roll your own retro wrapping paper with the Mixtape Stamp Activity Kit from Yellow Owl Workshop.