Though it’s clear that the Olympic athletes we’ve been watching at the Sochi Winter Games all want gold, all three of Micro Kickboard’s new medal-hued scooters would be winners with my kids, regardless of what color they choose.

All dressed up for the podium in gold, silver, or bronze, the much-loved Maxi Micro Kickboard scooter is one of my kids all-time favorite scooter designs, with such a smooth ride and easy lean-to-turn maneuverability. Made for kids ages 5-11 (or up to 120 pounds for you svelte and daring parents), grab the easier-to-use T-bar or try the straight Pilot Stick for kids who really want to get into carving and tricks.


Silver Maxi Micro Kickboard scooter for Olympics on Cool Mom Picks

Seeing as our Maxi Micro Kickboard is still going strong after several years of heavy use, this is one scooter that should still be going strong when the South Korean Olympics come around in 2018. Medal worthy, indeed.

Snag one of the special Maxi Micro Kickboard scooters in gold, silver, or bronze at Micro Kickboard’s website.