When I was a teen, there was no such thing as an iTunes gift card. No, we had to walk both ways to Turtles and work our fingers to the bone making mix tapes. It’s just as hard today to find a gift for a teen girl that says “I understand you and am not tragically unhip.” But we think this personalized coin purse is just right. And you can pop a gift card in there too.

Handmade in NYC, each coin purse is crafted of natural linen and lined with quilting fabric with a name or word embroidered on the front in black or red. The listing includes up to six letters (OMG LOL), but more can be added for a small fee. And, yeah, it’s a little pricey for such a small gift. But the clean design, beautiful font, and bespoke nature of this perfect little purse will speak to a lot of girls. Especially the ones who could use a gift that says “you’re worth it” right at a time they need to hear it most.

Find this personalized coin purse from oktak on Etsy.

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