There is nothing sweeter than a new baby, swaddled up like a little burrito. Especially if it gets the kid to sleep at last. (You know what I mean.)  Not surprisingly, the baby swaddling blanket market is heavy on  patterns of precious teddy bears and rubber duckies, so I’m happy to find swaddlers for modern mamas in the market for something a little different.


Wren & Rumor pink plus swaddling blanket | Cool Mom Picks

There is hope out there for those of us interested in baby gifts that are more chic than cutesy. Etsy’s Wren & Rumor shop has baby blankets in amazing fabrics that have turned our heads. They’re so beautiful that they’ve already got me thinking of uses other than swaddling. In fact my toddler would happily carry one of these blankets when he’s sleepy, just in case he feels some thumb-sucking coming on and needs something (really pretty) to love on.

Each swaddler is made from custom-designed organic cotton by mom-owner-designer Jill Patterson. They’re lightweight, with rounded edges, and they’re serged with light grey thread to finish them off. Plus the reviews rave that they’re super-soft and durable, too.

Wren & Rumor honeycomb baby blanket | Cool Mom Picks

Wren & Rumor birds baby blanket | Cool Mom Picks

Don’t you just love baby gifts that you know the mom won’t have three of already? No offense, Goodnight Moon.

Check out the handmade modern swaddling blankets from Wren + Rumor.  And for more awesome  baby shower gifts, be sure to visit our Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide.