Have you noticed a big splash of winter citrus brightening your supermarket produce aisle? If not, take a closer look. We’re at the height of the season, and I’m here to help you pick the best, juiciest citrus fruit–from satsuma oranges to Meyer lemons–including 9 super easy citrus recipes that make the best of these beauties without much work.

If you’re not the type to throw unfamiliar ingredients into your shopping cart with abandon, start by learning about less familiar citrus. This winter citrus guide (above) from Heart of Gold is a great place to start. 


Cloudberries & Spice Winter Citrus Salad | Cool Mom Picks

The easiest way to enjoy a bunch of winter citrus varieties at once is to put together a simple, totally irresistible Winter Citrus Salad like this one from Cloudberries and Spice. The poppy seeds are optional, but man do they make a gorgeous plating.


Cannelle et Vanille Pomelo Sorbet Pops | Cool Mom Picks

Most winter citrus brings to mind familiar fruits like oranges and lemons, but Pomelos are different. They can even be a bit intimidating. Leave it to Aran of Cannelle et Vanille to use this fragrant citrus perfectly in the form of Pomelo, Hibiscus & Vanilla Bean Sorbet Pops. The recipe is easier than it sounds and will work beautifully, although not quite as pitch perfectly, without hibiscus.

House of Treats Chocolate Dipped Clementines | Cool Mom Picks

There are so many easy ways to experiment with and enjoy winter citrus. It doesn’t get any simpler than these Chocolate Dipped Clementines from House of Treats. This hardly requires a recipe, but you can find one in English at the very bottom of the page.

Chef Julie Yoon Clementine Cupcakes | Cool Mom Picks

If you feel like doing a little simple baking with your clementines, try these adorable Clementine Cupcakes by Chef Julie Yoon. It’s true: you can make these winter pick-me-ups in only 20 minutes of prep time.

One Hungry Mama Meyer Lemon and Cherry Coffee Cake | Cool Mom Picks

Meyer lemons, a sweeter and less acidic breed of this popular citrus fruit, are actually a cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange, making them perfect for baking. This Meyer Lemon Cherry Coffee Cake from my own site, One Hungry Mama, is the perfect brunch treat on a cold weekend morning.

Offbeat and Inspired Broiled Grapefruit with Cinnamon Yogurt | Cool Mom Picks

I love the simplicity of this Broiled Grapefruit with Yogurt and Cinnamon from Offbeat and Inspired. Super fresh and delicious, this recipe can easily work as a breakfast, snack, or light dessert. When it’s this easy to make, maybe you can enjoy it for all three.

Half Baked Harvest Fish Tacos with Grapefruit Salsa | Cool Mom Picks

If you want to use your grapefruit in a savory recipe, give these Baja Fish Tacos with Grapefruit Salsa from Half Baked Harvest a try. How amazing do they look? Pair them with one of these fabulous margarita recipes and you’ve got one perfect but easy dinner for company.

A Cozy Kitchen Satsuma Orange Margarita | Cool Mom Picks

Speaking of margaritas, how about just one more recipe? This gorgeous Satsuma Orange Margarita from A Cozy Kitchen is made with sweet satsumas, which are seedless and perfect for juicing. Now just try to keep from eating the fruits raw before they make it into your drink.

Spache the Spatula Blood Orange and Burrata Tartine | Cool Mom Picks

I’m dying to take a bite of this Blood Orange Tartine with Burrata and Pistachio from Spache the Spatula. Don’t be intimidated: a tartine is a fancy way of saying “stuff on toast” and burrata is a fancy, cream-filled version of fresh mozzarella (which you can use in place of burrata, though it’s so worth it to find the real thing). Pile the ingredients high and take a bite. Perfect.

Honestly Yum Kumquat Jam | Cool Mom Picks

I saved the trickiest citrus for last: kumquats. I’ve always wondered how to use these in a way that my kids will like. Most attempts fall flat thanks to the tiny fruit’s bitter skin and pith. The only kumquat recipe that’s worked so far for me is jam. Kumquat jam, like this one found on Honestly Yum, is delicious, and kid-approved. It’s a little fussy to make, but spread on a toasty English muffin or scone over melty butter–perfect.