Today, Nordstrom launched their exclusive, and much-awaited new line of SJP shoes designed by Sarah Jessica Parker. And as someone who’s seen her a couple of times in person (from afar), they are very her. Lots of high heeled, strappy sandals in hot designer styles plus a few fun flats and some pretty handbags–all with the designer prices to match. It’s hard not to think of Carrie Bradshaw realizing she had no money for a mortgage, but an entire closet full of $400 shoes.

I don’t love everything in the collection; but with 64 items to choose from in all there are definitely a few stand-outs. Here I’ve picked my favorites–but keep in mind that I tend to like simple, classic shoes that I can get several years out of, and that go with everything.

And by the way, Kristen wanted me to impart her opinion that they look like an 80’s shoe closet raid to her–which is kind of true. But not necessarily in a bad way. I’m thinking Halston Heritage on some of these. You too?


SJP Shoes: Iva Slingback Sandal at Nordstrom | Cool Mom Picks

SJP Iva Slingback Sandal
Right away, I gravitated to this this strappy black patent sandal which reminds me of a pair of Jimmy Choos I’ve had for ages. It’s modern, but the kind of style that never really goes out of style, and you can wear it with so many things it will be a fantastic staple.

SJP Shoes: Inez Wedge Espadrilles at Nordstrom | Cool Mom Picks

SJP Inez Wedge Espadrilles
Oof, how I love this more modern take on classic espadrilles. (And I do love espadrilles.) The 3″ heel is manageable as a wedge, and the wraparound straps bring it up to date while giving you a little more support. Plus I love the navy– though there’s red too.

SJP Shoes: Carrie Slingback Pumps at Nordstrom | Cool Mom Picks

SJP Carrie T-Strap Pump
Well of course there’s going to be a Carrie shoe, right? This is a beautiful neutral for spring and summer, and if you have an office job that requires heels, it’s a gorgeous option that’s a little more professional in some settings than an open-toe option.

SJP Shoes: Carrie Tstrap Sandal in Purple Nordstrom | Cool Mom Picks

The Carrie shoe also comes in purple for those of you embracing the hot Pantone orchid color right now.  Stunning shade.

SJP Shoes: Cherry Flip-Flop at Nordstrom | Cool Mom Picks

SJP Cherry Flip-Flop
So these are wayyy more than I’d spend for a flip-flop at this stage of my life, but if they were to fall into my closet somehow, I wouldn’t kick them out. That red suede is gorgeous if not entirely practical; save them for in LA where it never rains. And wait for the sale–I’m crossing my fingers for 70% off (ha).

SJP Shoes: Maud Sandal at Nordstrom | Cool Mom Picks

SJP Maud Sandal
Inspired by the vintage shoes of French shoe designer Maud Frizon, these definitely hit the 80’s note that Kristen referenced. Black and white is huge right now, and I imagine I’ll be seeing them on a lot of stylish women on the streets of New York this spring.

SJP Ina Pump at Nordstrom | Cool Mom Picks

The SJP Ina Pump
If you’re looking for a great punch of color to complement a great summer pedicure, this pump is so pretty in a deep jade green. And like the Carrie shoe, I like the extra support at the heel which personally I’d need in a 3 1/4″ heel.

SJP New Yorker Leather Hobo Bag at Nordstrom | Cool Mom Picks

SJP New Yorker Leather Hobo
Of course I have to give a nod to this sweet leather handbag, not just because it’s named for my hometown, but because I think it’s really a standout. The hobo style is refined and just structured enough that it doesn’t look baggy or too casual. The grosgrain trim on the interior is a great detail. And I want to say thank you thank you so much, SJP, for keeping the label small and unobtrusive.

Good news: lots of the SJP shoes are online exclusives. Perfect if you don’t feel like throwing elbows in the shoe department to grab a pair right now.  But overall, if you’re up for spending $350 on a pair of swanky, dressy sandals, I think you may have a new label to consider. What say you, fashionistas?

Find the new collection of SJP shoes designed by Sarah Jessica Parker plus handbags and accessories, exclusively at Nordstrom starting today! CMP is a reward style affiliate.

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