I have always had a thing for salt and pepper shakers, with phases ranging from kitschy mid-century to delicate 20’s-era, to modern and handmade. I’m not sure I actually need another set, but I sure have my eyes on these Kate Spade salt and pepper shakers which are utterly charming as you’d expect. I love that hand-drawn sketch over the simply white porcelain. Charming without getting into kitsch-land. Because I’ve already been there, and I have the poodle shakers to prove it.

Besides, it’s kind of nice to be able to tell which is with without having to squint down at holes on top. Especially for kids who are prone to putting pepper on their pasta accidentally, then refusing to eat it.

Find the  Kate Spade salt and pepper shakers online from Nordstrom. CMP is a reward style affiliate.

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