The team behind  the Lost My Name personalized books for kids blew us away last year with their sophisticated, clever, custom books for kids that don’t just drop your child’s name into a template story. Instead, the main character goes on an adventure that is entirely customized for your child. We remain super impressed. Now they’ve released  free printable coloring pages for kids based on the alphabet that appears in their books.

From Aardvark to Zebra, you can put together an entire book of them, letting your kids color their own name letter by letter, or any other word they’re fascinated by at the moment. The PDF is easy to download from the site, and if you’re reading this review on your phone, don’t worry. Just click their “send it to me” button and they’ll email you a copy.


Lost My Name coloring book K page | Cool Mom Picks


We love when really cool people make really cool products. And it’s extra special when they give it away for free.

Download the free printable coloring pages for kids today from Lost My Name. Also check out their personalized books for kids which are not free, but they’re a favorite gift of ours for sure.