I still stand by Corolle baby dolls as the best of the bigger brands. Designed in France and smelling lightly of vanilla, they’re really everything you want a doll to be. Unless when you’re looking for the best dolls for 5-year olds who have outgrown the baby doll stage. And you don’t want to spend $100 on one. And you want seriously awesome accessories and clothes to play with.

Voila: The lovely new line of Corolle Les Cheries dolls. Designed for kids in that wonderfully imaginative 4-7 range who really love dressing up their dolls (though even my 8 year-old still thinks they’re cool) the collection is exquisite, down to the gorgeous doll clothes that are a far cry from the frayed polyester stuff I’m used to seeing.

Corolle les Cherise bunny slippers | Cool Mom Picks

Check out details like the silver bunny slippers in the party dress accessory set or the handbags that looks like what’s on the runways right now. And hello–Cecile in that cropped jacket, rolled dark jeans, and red-tipped ballet flats? I’m going to start taking my own fashion cues from them.


Best dolls for 5 year old - Corolle les Cheriee | Cool Mom Picks


The outfits are based on themes like touring the Eiffel Tower (mais bien sur), hanging in the city, going on vacation or taking ballet. You know, your typical teen activities. Fortunately there is a Camille a l’universite doll, because we must teach our 5-year-olds that such enviable lives of fashion and leisure must start with a good liberal arts degree, non?

Find the Corolle Les Cheries dolls at the Corolle site, and order them from sites like Yoyo.com or our affiliate Amazon. They are made to fit 13″ doll clothes.