If you smell something delicious that’s like a cross between a creamsicle, a vanilla candle, and springtime (in the best possible way), it’s probably me. That’s because I’ve been using the organic skin care products from Summer Sky Organics. Specifically the Mandarin Vanilla Mama Belly Oil. Not on my belly, as I’m not pregnant. But pretty much everywhere else.

Just like the rest of the products from this mama-run, organic skin care company, the belly oil has a variety of uses for mamas, expecting mamas, babies, and women who have never even been near a baby in their lives, but just want a great organic skin care line.

I tried several products from Summer Sky Organics, and there wasn’t a bad product in there. The Mama Belly Oil is my favorite, and I love smoothing it onto my arms, neck, and chest every morning after my shower to lock in moisture. The Summer Sky Soothing Balm is thick with rich butters and oils and perfect for smearing on winter-red noses–or over feet after a bath to soften scaly skin overnight under a thick pair of socks. To be sure though, a little goes a long way! Although it’s fragrance free, there’s enough cocoa butter in there to make my husband ask why I smell like chocolate.


Of course not everyone likes sweet scents like I do, and if you want a truly fragrance-free balm for those tender patches of irritated baby skin, try the Baby All Over Balm. And if your kids get dry in winter but hate having lotion or balm slathered on them while they shiver after a bath, I recommend drizzling the also scent-free Baby Nourishing Oil into their bathwater, which keeps my sensitive boy’s skin from getting peely, without tears. They both come in a terrific baby gift bundle, which makes a pretty fabulous shower gift for under $50.


As far as their soaps, I tried the Lavender Calendula Body Cleansing Bar which is made with 85% certified organic ingredients (compared with 95% in all the other products) along with ethically harvested palm oil.  It’s lovely and not over-drying. The Rosehip and Argan Face oil is a great weekend skincare treat but is far too rich for me to use every day. There are also great anti-aging treatments, and even a few goodies just for men.  Visit the site and see what looks good to you. Really, you can’t go wrong.

Find organic skin care products including that gorgeous Baby Gift Bundle shown at top, at the Summer Sky Organics website. There’s free shipping with purchases $50+. You can also join their mailing list or fan them on Facebook for an instant 15% off. 

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