We’ve come a long way from the days our readers asked us to find a dinosaur dress for girls and it took a little bit of digging. Now the pendulum is swinging the other way with a clever company called Quirkie Kids which is making pink tees for boys and girls with the kinds of images you don’t always see on pink tees.

In other words, no tiaras, no future diva slogans.

The bright fuschia, US-made tees in sizes 2-10 are created by Martine Zoer and designed by cool dad and pro animator Liam Robinson, featuring four motifs like dinosaurs, skulls, and a slime monster. You know, designs which are all increasingly beloved by both sexes. Plus, they’re just great looking.

Quirkie pink tees for boys and girls - skull | Cool Mom Picks

Quirkie Kids Pink Dinosaur Tee | Cool Mom Picks

Quirkie Kids - pink tees for boys or girls | Cool Mom Picks

The company nailed their Kickstarter goal in no time because there are clearly a lot of parents out there looking for something like this.  Which means now we can sit back, wait for the manufacturing, and keep an eye on the Quirkie Kids Facebook page for updates on avails.

My only question is why the company named itself Quirkie, especially with the number of little boys I know who love pink, and the number of girls who love pink but also love Godzilla. I don’t see them as quirky at all. Besides, my girls’ grandfather looks amazing in pink and it was likely the color he was dressed in as a baby; I’d hate my kids now to assume that it’s some sort of “girl color.”

Learn more about  Quirkie Kids pink tees for boys and girls on their Kickstarter page, or follow them on Facebook for updates at  Quirkie Kids 

PS: Check out this awesome Smithsonian article on how pink was the traditional baby boy color and blue was for girls, until the 1940’s.