Every now and then we see ridiculous baby products that make us wonder if they’re real or…if they’re April Fool’s Day jokes left over from years past. Turns out, these five crazy baby products are not jokes at all. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t make us laugh. Or gasp. Or encourage some parents somewhere to think, “hey, I need that!”  We’ll chalk it up to pregnancy brain. We’ve all been there. You get a free pass.


Ridiculous Baby Products: The Baby Mop | cool mom picks

1. The Baby Mop. Hey, your baby’s rolling around on the floor anyway, might as well put him to good use. We’re sure it’s totally sanitary. We’re also wondering if they come out with Dog and Kitty Mops next because you know…not such a bad idea.

Ridiculous baby products: The BabyKeeper | Cool Mom Picks

2. The Babykeeper. No one puts baby on the bathroom floor! It’s been easily  6 or 7 years since we first encountered this contraption which looks like a baby parachuting experiment gone wrong, and today it still looks…kind of wrong.


Ridiculous baby products: iPotty iPad Potty | Cool Mom Picks

3. The iPotty iPad Potty: Straight from the 2013 CES show floor, we found the perfect use for your $400 tablet: stick it straight in the line of fire of a potty training toddler.  We know parents can be desperate for any trick to get their kids potty trained but we assure you that reward stickers still work just fine. With far fewer sanitary concerns.


Ridiculous baby products: Zaky infant pillow | cool mom picks

4. Zaky Infant Pillow, also known around here as “The Giant Muppet Hand.” This is a smart idea in theory –something to comfort your baby when you step away from the crib– and it gets great reviews from moms who have used it. But it does look a little freaky. Okay, a lot freaky.

Ridiculous baby products: Babi-kini string bikinis for babies | cool mom picks5. The Babi-kiniBecause it’s never too young for your first ridiculously tiny string bikini. Except, it kind of is.

Happy April Fool’s Day Mamas!