If you asked my daughter what her favorite color is, her answer would be “rainbow.” I can’t agree more, and its bright and cheery vibe makes the sweet rainbow learning toys for toddlers so perfect for spring.

This acorn sorting game is a perfect activity for the toddler set. Found among the wooden learning toys at Etsy’s Almost Crunchy, it is a wonderful application of the simple Waldorf teaching method of learning through play–the best way, if you ask me. The handmade set comes with 18 brightly colored acorns and 6 matching bowls to engage sorting, color matching and counting skills. It also comes with a drawstring muslin storage bag to help avoid the dreaded barefoot parent playroom injury.


Handmade wooden learning toys: Almost Crunchy rainbow acorn game | Cool Mom Picks
Handmade wooden learning toys: Almost Crunchy rainbow sorting bowls on Etsy | Cool Mom Picks

The shop’s selection shows they understand that so many of us want less plastic and more all-natural wooden learning toys for our tiny global citizens.What’s more, the toys are finished with either non-toxic acrylic paint or their own homemade blend of locally sourced beeswax and olive oil. (Almost Crunchy indeed.)

This is such a great toy that would lend itself to kitchen and other exploratory play. I honestly wish that I had found this shop earlier for my own use but I’ll certainly be bookmarking it as a great gift resource. Rainbows rule!

Find a full selection of  handmade toys and other earth and family friendly items in the Almost Crunchy Etsy shop.

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