We just moved, and the New House Rules state that kids do their own laundry. But my preschooler just can’t be trusted with dangerous chemicals that might end up in his eyes or mouth–or on the dog or in the toilet or under my pillow. Luckily, we have a handy bag of Vaska One. These all natural laundry detergent tablets made of safe, natural cleaners are a great way to get little kids motivated about cleaning up messes instead of just making them.

We dig the regular Vaska detergent too, especially the lavender scent. But Vaska One is especially convenient because little hands can easily drop a tablet into the washer on their own to help, before tossing in their own adorably tiny laundry. Vaska One is hypoallergenic and free of all the dyes and chemicals we don’t want on kid skin, or in the septic tank and ground water. The only ingredients are naturally derived cleaning agents, and Vaska says their products are so safe you can eat them.

So, because it’s me, and because I owe you the full story, and because I know my kid…I licked a Vaska One tablet.

It mostly tasted like salt, and I’m still alive. And my tongue is spotless.

Vaska all natural laundry detergent - lavender

The unscented Vaska One leaves my laundry as clean as any other brand I’ve tried and is completely scent-free, although there’s a lavender that I’d like to try too. My son’s dirt-colored socks don’t get any whiter with Vaska, but his accidentally-wet sheets come out perfectly fresh, with no trace of that awful ammonia odor you get when Daddy throws the sheets in the bottom of a bucket while you’re out of town for a weekend. (That happens to you, too, right?)  Overall, I just like that my clothes actually come out soft and clean, with no itchiness or irritation. And so’s my tongue.

Find Vaska One all natural laundry detergent at the Vaska website, where you can search for a local store or order from vine.com, drugstore.com, or soap.com.