Charoset, a deliciously sweet spread made of fruit and nuts served at Passover seder, is one of the most popular—and meaningful—foods of the holiday. More than that, charoset is as wonderful on any table as it is at the seder, stirred into yogurt, swirled into oatmeal, or even spooned over ice cream, as you would a fruity chutney. Check out these 6 charoset recipes and you’ll understand exactly what I mean, even if you don’t celebrate Passover.

The Apple Cinnamon Charoset with Candied Walnuts (above) from Shiksa in the Kitchen is one of my new favorites. It must have something to do with candied walnuts. Yum! Tori encourages you to make this version the night before so that the flavors meld. I encourage you to make extra to ensure leftovers.


Charoset recipes: Passover seder Ashkephardic Charoset recipe at Shiksa in the Kitchen

While on Shiksa in the Kitchen, one of my favorite Jewish food blogs, also check out Tori’s Ashkephardic Charoset. Charoset is always made with the same types of ingredients, but takes on many variations depending on the cook’s cultural and geographical background. This version draws from both sides of Tori’s family, with pureed dates common in Sephardic cooking paired with apples and walnuts, which are typical Ashkenazi ingredients. A beautiful blend, just like her family.


Charoset recipes: Passover seder Spiced Charoset recipe at The Forest Feast

Charoset is said to symbolize the mortar used by ancient Jews who toiled under the rule of Pharaoh. It’s not easy to make a delicious food meant to symbolize mortar, but Erin from The Forest Feast manages just that. Look at how gorgeous—and easy—her recipe for Spiced Charoset with Figs and Pecans looks. It’s impossible not to want to try this.


Charoset recipes: Passover seder Apple Date Charoset at Katherine Martinelli | Cool Mom Picks

Not only does this Apple Date Charoset from Katherine Martinelli look like a wonderful balance of tart and sweet, but read her site for ideas for how you can enjoy charoset beyond the Passover table. A girl after my own heart!


Charoset recipes: Passover seder Syrian Charoset at Joy of Kosher

Jamie from Joy of Kosher has several awesome sounding charoset recipes, including this Charoset with Ginger, but her Syrian Charoset (pictured) is the purest in both taste and meaning. It has a smooth pureed texture to represent mud, with walnut pieces to represent pebbles of bricks. A lovely representation of why charoset is included on the Passover table in the first place.