So let’s talk sexy nursing bras. Because Mama, you’ve done an amazing job growing a beautiful, perfect little baby inside of you for the last nine months. Then you rocked that delivery, bringing him or her into this world. And now you’re spending your days snuggling and loving on that baby while you nurse. But I also know that feeding a baby all the time is no easy task, and can make some of us feel more like the chuck wagon than a gorgeous, confident woman. Which is why the¬†new line of¬†sexy nursing bras¬†from ¬†CMP favorite¬†Hotmilk¬†could be a fun gift for any new mom this Mother’s Day. Even if that new mom is you.

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This is a brand we’ve raved about before, and for good reason. These nursing bras are sturdy without underwire, which is great while you’re nursing. The material is soft and comfortable, not itchy anywhere, and designed with such pretty detailing. Plus, we’re so glad they have bras from sizes A to GG because nothing gets us more crazy than nursing bra companies whose sizes stop at D. (Uh, some of us are D cups before we nurse!)

sexy nursing bras at HotMilk - Dawn

Sexy Nursing bras from HotMilk: Vanilla

Hotmilk has some fresh new styles for spring like the va-va-voom Mystery bra at very top, but we still love lots of their existing designs. And right now their free “knickers” gift with bra purchase would make a set of hot nursing lingerie an even more perfect Mother’s Day gift for a new mom.

It’s nice to feel beautiful at a time your body is changing so much. And it’s way better than a World’s Greatest Mom magnet.

Order a sexy nursing bra from Hotmilk Lingerie¬†right now, and, and you’ll get matching knickers ¬†(that’s uh, underwear for us Americans) for free.¬†