If you are looking for lullaby music for babies–or even for bigger kids–I am the person to ask. The routine to get my kids down has never been so easy, and so like most parents in the world, I sing. And sing. And sing. If you’re looking for new lullaby music, lately we’ve been singing along to Lullabies by Laurie Berkner in our home and it is definitely doing the trick.

Here’s how good Lullabies is: we put it on in the car during our morning commute to school, with my kids hyped up on syrup and OJ (sorry, teachers.) After two or three songs my preschooler actually stretched his arms out and yawned. That’s impressive musical relaxation power, especially considering Laurie Berkner’s music is known for being upbeat and danceable. But with this CD, she’s taken some of their favorites, like Under a Shady Tree and Five Days Old, and turned them into sweet bedtime songs. They’re slow and comforting without being boring, which is a fine, and welcome, line to walk. Both for your children, and for you.

This is definitely a sleepy kind of CD to turn down low while your kids are napping or falling asleep at night. It isn’t upbeat driving music, and I wouldn’t really recommend it as an your first Laurie Berkner CD if you’re looking for her classic sound. My elementary-age daughter declared it babyish (which, well, lullaby music is supposed to be), but if you have a baby or younger child it’s fantastic. The songs are warm and friendly, and Laurie sounds like she’s your mom singing to you. That’s the feeling kids really want, after all.

Download Laurie Berkner’s new Lullabies CD, from iTunes or our affiliate Amazon today.