It’s the day before Easter, you have a million things to do, and the eggs still need decorating? Give yourself a break, skip the dye (as much as we love dyeing Easter eggs), and go straight for these adorable Easter egg printables and craft ideas that the kids will be eager to help with. Plus, eggs like these will add a whole lot of personality to your dinner table–along with the jellybean fueled kids themselves, of course.


Easter egg printables: Car craft from Mr. Printables

Mr. Printables’ car-driving printable Easter Egg People will be ready to zoom onto your table with these colorful, zippy, and free printable cars. Hand over a Sharpie and let the kids decide who will be driving the car while you get their wheels prepped for passengers.

Free Easter egg printables: Crowns and hats from Sweet Paul Magazine

Sweet Paul’s free free Easter printables include a party hat, gold crown, and bunny ears (shown at very  top) which make it super easy to pull together some adorable eggs in a jiffy. Egg cups form the base here, though scroll down through the post for a simple DIY alternative using card stock. (no longer available to print)

Easter egg printables: Bunny and clown from Mer Mag for Minted

The cute Easter Egg bunny and clowm printables remind me of a cross of Elf on the Shelf and Humpty Dumpty. . .so maybe don’t pick too high a shelf for their perch. Mer Mag for Minted’s free printable template and easy-to-follow instructions will have you doing a bit of cutting and glueing, but the end result is pretty great. Older kids should have no trouble doing most of this on their own too.

Easter egg printables: Egg Man from A Bit of Pilli Pilli

Love this smart-looking Egg Man Easter egg from A Bit of Pilli Pilli (link no longer available). Super customizable depending on how many accessories you want to cut out, it uses a little egg cup as its base and your own paper scraps to create the party hat, shirt collar, and bow tie.

Googly eyes and some colorful paper mustaches cut from colored paper from the craft bin make it easy to create a half-dozen Easter Egg Mustache Men from Real Simple who look a little bit like a barbershop quartet ready to serenade the table.

Finally, remember that Easter egg decorating is supposed to be fun, so if you’ve got other things to do, hand over the Sharpies and a carton full of hard-boiled eggs and let the kids go to town.

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