So let’s talk popcorn. Specifically, gourmet popcorn. More specifically, White Truffle Cheddar organic popcorn from Pop Karma. Or wait–you talk a minute, because my mouth is still full.

A friend recently sent me some of this stuff from NYC’s illustrious little downtown gourmet popcorn shop and holy…I could not stop eating it. For real. And I say this as someone who tends to opt for Junior Mints at the movie theater. The flavor is absolutely perfect–and sophisticated enough that you can give it as a gift to your mom or your boss or yourself. And keep it from the kids without guilt.

Every flavor is vegetarian or vegan, totally GMO-free, and all made from handcrafted, artisanal, certified organic popcorn.The flavors change up regularly, so right now you’ll find staples like Classic Mediterranean, Zen Cheddar and Pure Caramel (hold me), then the seasonal miso-based Kyoto Mix, a Cajun Popcorn, and my future husband, White Truffle Cheddar. If you’re hankering for past flavors like Margarita Popcorn or Pumpkin Spice, check out the menu and see if they can custom make a batch just for you. (Though I’m firmly in Camp White Truffle Cheddar, if I wasn’t clear about that.)

Pop Karma organic gourmet popcorn gifts

Of course such perfection comes at a price; some of you may want to sit down for this. A giant 3.5 gallon tin of 3 flavors will run you $75, while a 3-month popcorn gift subscription starts at $150. I will say it’s a gorgeous tin. However, for yourself, you may want to skip the fancy packaging and just go right to the popcorn refills for $20 or the 12-pack Karma Shot sampler for $24.

Yeah, I know. This is no Jiffy Pop. But for the foodie who has everything? This is an outrageously good gift. Good Pop Karma.

Find gourmet popcorn gifts online at Pop Karma or visit their storefront in NYC downtown on 95 Orchard Street.