It’s been a while since we’ve found a label along the lines of Seven Smooches, a favorite indie designer who repurposes vintage clothing into stunning upcycled clothes for children and babies.  And now…well, found one! A great one. Enter mom-run  Kallio NYC.

For parents who are looking for a special piece for their babies and kids that aren’t the same ones every other kid will be wearing, these carefully crafted, eco-conscious, Brooklyn-made clothes are a wonderful (if spendy) option.

Men’s cotton shirts become swingy girls’ dresses of all kinds, which are definitely the standout of the collection. Skirts, dresses, and lounge pants are embellished with details like contrasting hems, adjustable shoulder ties, and waist-belts. A prewashed combination of men’s shirts makes a super comfy, cute kimono set for a baby. And I totally adore the clever styling of the boy’s hooded shirt, which combines a hoodie and dress shirt into one awesome top your kid will want to wear every day.


Upcycled clothes for children - trapeze dress by kallio NYC

Upcycled clothes for children - Boys hoodie shirt at Kallio NYC

Upcycled clothes for children - girls summer dress at Kallio NYC

Upcycled baby clothes - Kimono romper set at Kallio NYC

Upcycled vintage clothes: Boys pants at Kallio NYC

Upcycled clothes for children - Girls apron dress at Kallio NYC

We checked out the apron dress and I cannot believe the work that went into it. While $85 is definitely spendy for a dress, it’s not too bad considering all the mass-produced, far less ethically-made garbage from “designers” that costs way more.

The stitching is flawless–straight as an arrow–the buttons up the front don’t gape, and the adjustable straps, intentionally made from two slightly different fabrics, is a lovely touch. Plus it machine washes just great, which parents everywhere will be thankful for.

That said, I found the dress to be sized fairly wide, as are a lot of the clothes from what I can tell by looking closely at the photos on site. I happen to have a skinny almost-seven-year-old who can wear the Kallio size 6 apron dress no problem, but she needs a tee or a tank under it (as shown on the cute model above) unless she miraculously starts eating steak dinners soon. Still, for those of you with kids who aren’t so slight, or who prefer a wider, drapier profile as in the trapeze dress above, you’ll find you’ll love these comfy, beautiful clothes for ages. 

It’s all summed up in the Kallio clothing label: Wash only when stinky. Machine wash cold and line dry. No bleach nor dry clean. Repair holes. Hand it down. 

Find handmade, upcycled clothes for children from vintage clothing, online at Kallio NYC. Clothes are in the $50-$90 range.