There’s nothing like jewelry hand crafted by an artist who’s passionate about her art, but the prices can often be really—well, splurgey. So in time for Mother’s Day,  I’m so happy to find Freshie and Zero handmade jewelry that’s perfect for any mom, featuring gorgeous pieces that start around $50.They look like they’d be a lot more, don’t they?

Take a look at the Sentimental Notions collection, inspired by the artist’s connection with her first child. She really gets that keepsake jewelry can be sentimental and still be stylish. The interlocking circles represent mother and child, a couple with a first child, or even three children in descending order–really, whatever you see in them is what they can mean, and I find that very special. Plus, I love the modern and easy look that works whether you’re wearing these pieces somewhere nice, or they become your everyday jewelry. Perfect for moms for whom initial charms or name jewelry isn’t quite their thing.

Handmade jewelry for mom: Freshie and Zero Cluster necklace

Freshie and Zero jewelry Storied Necklace - symbolic for mothers

Freshie and Zero handmade jewelry for mom: Honey Petals necklace

The necklaces are all made from hand-hammered golds and silvers made by hand, and each piece is available whatever finish best suits you. As for me, I’d be thrilled to get any of them “from the kids,” hint hint.

Find  handmade jewelry for mom, a grandmother, or a sister at Freshie and Zero in time for Mother’s Day.