I dare anyone to tell me that Mother’s Day chocolates are cliché, especially if you’re giving the kinds of gourmet chocolate that a mom might not buy for herself every day. (With all due respect to the good folks of Hershey.) I will happily accept any fancy chocolate gifts, anytime, any place. One more option you definitely want to check out: the handmade gourmet chocolates from Norman Love Confections, featuring a new collection made just with moms in mind.

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This new-to-me little company was founded by an award-winning pastry chef (that would be Norman) who has been handcrafting super-premium, artistic chocolates with original flavors since 2001. Now I must admit I have a slight bias against “creative” flavors in chocolates–I tend to be purist myself. But after trying some of Norman Love’s flavors, my beloved dark chocolate with salted caramel has competition.

The new heart shaped Mother’s Day Chocolates are stunning the second you open the pretty little green box, all shiny and smooth, with the prettiest marbleized colors. But it’s what’s inside that really thrills: ten classic pastry-inspired flavors like Banana Bread, Peach Cobbler, German Chocolate Cake, Brownie Batter, and of course, Apple Pie. All very “mom” in the traditional sense.


Gourmet chocolates for Mother's Day: Norman Love hearts | photo Cool Mom Picks


The flavors really work, and I admit I wasn’t entirely expecting them to because they do sound a little gimmicky. The German Chocolate Cake is so creamy and perfect, and finishes with the most subtle coconut flavor. Peach Cobbler comes to life with white chocolate filled  with a ganache of vanilla-soaked peaches and butter pecan that is so subtle, even my six-year-old liked it. (Yes, I let my kids try them. I’m nice like that.) But the winner for me so far is the Coffee Cake, which tastes like a delicious cinnamon chocolate, though the aftertaste–pure coffee cake. It’s like magic.

Or at least food alchemy.

A little 5-piece set starts at $13.25 which is a nice value, though after you factor in overnight delivery charges, you might want to order the bigger sizes that include lots of other chocolates too–or just get tons of those 5-piece sets to give to every mom you know. Whether or not the whole “you baked pies for me, Mom” thing has meaning for you, the flavors stand on their own.

I think I love you, Mr. Love. And I think a few other moms might be sharing that sentiment in a few weeks.

Order by May 8, 2014 to make Mother’s Day delivery; they are delivered overnight in insulated boxes over frozen gel packs and arrive perfectly. And TODAY, April 28 only, save 15% on online orders!


[photo via coolmompicks on instagram]