With the popularity of the infinity scarf, why are we not surprised that clever designers are now making them for babies. Presenting the adorable–and yet surprisingly practical–scarf-bib called Scabibs, on Etsy. Is it a scarf? Is it a bib? It’s both, and we’re kind of in love.

My kids drooled when they were babies. A lot. So I’m pretty sure I would have velcroed one of these Scabibs on my own kids  had I’d known about them back then.


Scabib scarf-style bib in yellow | Cool Mom Picks

Scabib scarf-style bib in turquoise | Cool Mom Picks

Scabib scarf-style bib in camo | Cool Mom Picks

This is no mere fashion choice. Scabibs are actually really effective in keeping babies’ drool where it belongs, as in, not on their clothes.  And when you’re 9 months old, that probably matters a little more than color-coordinated accessories.

Order the Scabib scarf-bib for babies in dozens of different colors for boys and girls, at their Etsy shop.


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