We are lucky to have Kate Etue, one of the most incredible writers and all-around loving, wonderful people on our staff. And when she showed me what she was doing to help support the 147 million orphans around the world, and her own pending adoption, let’s say I grabbed the tissues. Then rushed here to tell you all about it. In that order.

It started out with the design of their own lovely¬†adoption t-shirts¬†to raise money from friends for their own adoption. But I think they’d be awesome shirts for anyone supporting adoption in any way. Isn’t the message and the +1 on the shirt just inspired? I think it’s the kind of shirt you can wear just to make other people feel great, whether or not they know what it’s for. And if they ask…all the better.


Adoption +1 t-shirt | Cool Mom Picks

The t-shirt sales soon grew into an array of remarkable auction items, with the goal of generating enough revenue beyond what they need for their own adoption, so they can donate the rest of the funds to Show Hope, a highly well-respected organization that cares for orphans worldwide. So either way you’re helping a great cause, whether for one incredible family, or thousands around the world.

I really hope you’ll check out the cute tees and terrific auction items ranging from beautiful¬†custom calligraphy stamps¬†to jewelry and accessories like the¬†Love necklace by Freshie & Zero¬†we recently featured, goodies from Stella & Dot,¬†original artwork, exquisite¬†custom party invitations, a scarf from my own favorite FashionABLE, and even an entire¬†resort vacation for the family. Some of the items up for bid are specific to the Nashville area (not that I wouldn’t love an excuse to visit), but plenty are perfect for anyone at all.

Freshie and Zero mother and child keepsake necklace


custom address stamp by hard ink calligraphy

livefashionABLE scarf

custom party invitations from Natalina Marlow

147 Million Orphans tee

Please look around. You may find something you adore. And if you do, you will be helping to spread that much more love in the world.

Visit¬†www.onemoreetue.blogspot.com¬†to learn more about the adoption fundraising auction, and learn more about¬†Show Hope¬†on their own website. Find the boys and mens tees and women’s and¬†girls tees via Booster. Hurry! T-shirt orders and bidding end Monday 5/12 at midnight.¬†

Good luck Kate, we’re all rooting for you!