As much as I want my anti-aging skincare products to tighten, tone and brighten,  I would rather they boast an ingredient list that passes the standards of the Skin Deep database, than give me the face of a 22-year-old at some long-term price to my skin. I’ve discovered some great new skincare lines free of toxic chemicals and synthetic fragrances, and full of antioxidants and other healthy active ingredients. There is no shortage of natural and organic skincare on the market, but what makes these lines so great is that they don’t compromise performance for safety. They protect and perfect–all with ingredients I can actually pronounce.

The one thing: They’re all very spendy. Very. Not like Creme de la Mer spendy, but still. These are definitely splurges for you skincare junkies out there that are more likely to put that money towards your face, and not your shoes.


Drunk Elephant
It takes a lot to wow me in the skincare department, but the new Drunk Elephant line (shown at top) appeals to my every sense. No scary ingredients, actives that work and adorable packaging. I mean, who doesn’t love elephants?) The playful name derives from a cute story behind the brand’s star ingredient–marula oil. Legend has it that elephants would get tipsy after chowing down on the fruit from the marula tree. Marula oil, as it turns out, contains more antioxidants than its more illustrious cousin, argan oil.

The Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil  has nothing but pure oil in it, and no fillers or synthetic fragrance. At $72, the emphasis is definitely on the luxurybut you can feel good about  what’s in this hydrating, anti-aging oil. The TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum ($90) has the perfect amount of glycolic for your skin to receive resurfacing and collagen-boosting benefits, plus they’ve added a cactus plant enzyme to help sensitive skin absorb the AHAs without any irritation issues. I really like their JuJu Bar ($32) which an old-fashioned “melt and pour” bar soap packed with essential oils, glycerin and bamboo powder that gently scrubs the grit and grime from my face every day. And yes, it’s way pricier than your typical bar soap, but since you’re only using it on your face, it truly does last a long time. (Just keep it away from the kids!)

My other favorite standout from the line is the Umbra Sheer Physical Defense SPF 30 sunblock. In the summertime, I make sure to use an actual SPF, as opposed to a BB cream or makeup with SPF in it. This one is loaded with all-natural skin protectors like raspberry seed oil, marula oil and sunflower shoot extract.

I’ve waxed poetic about the newish line of skincare for moms and kids from Beautycounter, a company that’s all about transparency and truth about their ingredients. Countertime is their brand new anti-aging collection, jam-packed with lovely ingredients like apricot kernel oil, ginger root extract and vitamin C. While the whole collection is stellar, I’m in love with the Enlightening Treatment Pads ($40), which contain a mixed fruit acid complex and are meant to be used in the morning, pre-sunscreen, to help defend and protect the skin. I also love the Nourishing Cleansing Balm ($75), a gentle and very luxurious balm with cranberry seed oil, raspberry seed oil and vitamin C, that melts into the skin and removes makeup and dirt while it hydrates.

Om Aroma & Co non toxic skin care line | Cool Mom PIcks
Om Aroma & Co
Om Aroma & Co launched in 2008 after its founder had an allergic reaction to a chemical-laden lotion. And while it’s not brand new, it’s new to me. All the products in the line are organic and produced in small batches in the Catskills by women transitioning back into the work force, and we’re always suckers for brands like this that do good in so many ways. I recently had the opportunity to test out their Truffle Face Cream ($72), which is made with actual white truffle extract, as well as red raspberry, pumpkin seed and sweet almond. It’s super luxe and feels like butter going into my skin–a little definitely goes a long way. I’ve also been using the Raspberry Protect Serum ($58) in the mornings to protect my skin from any UV rays my sunscreen may not catch. The Pumpkin Seed Renew Serum ($58) is meant to be used at night and can be mixed with the Truffle cream to add a boost of anti-wrinkle and anti-age spot power. And since you can tell that yes, I’m a product junkie that gets excited about such things, I’m really looking forward to their rose-scented, rejuvenating Carrot Rose Serum ($72) which will launch this summer to the benefit of skin everywhere.

Spring clean your skincare regimen with Drunk Elephant, Countertime from Beautycounter and Om Aroma & C0. They are definitely splurges, but remember that a little goes a long way with each of the products in these lines and you won’t be restocking them every month. 

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