One of the most fun things about this site is the ability to introduce new artists to all of you. One of our favorite finds: the lovely handmade cloud mobiles from Jahje Ives of Baby Jives Co.

I was never a big fan of mobiles with music–especially now that it’s so easy to pump in your own favorite (and decidedly less repetitive) sleepytime music via MP3. These mobiles, on the other hand, do everything I want a mobile to do, floating and twisting and enchanting and catching the light in the metallic stars when hung over a crib or changing table.

I am especially drawn to the textural combination of linen, wool and leather which makes them just that much more special than an all-cotton version.


Handmade mobile - black cloud with silver leather stars

Pink handmade cloud and stars mobile by Jahje Ives

Handmade cloud mobiles with silver stars by Jahje Ives

If I were having a baby shower right now (which I’m not; been there, birthed that), I know this is the kind of baby gift I’d be thrilled to unwrap. In fact, I’d be kind of psyched to unwrap two. Not to be greedy, but they do look pretty cool in pairs.

Find the handmade cloud mobiles from Baby Jives and more at her Etsy shop. 

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