I’ve been singing the praises of the gorgeous handmade mobiles from Portland’s Frazier and Wing for a while now, and as much as I love the artistry Heather brings to her paper mobiles and reusable handmade paper garlands, I’m so excited to see her getting into new materials.

She’s just introduced the striking new Auden mobile made from German felt circles and  natural maple. It’s a gorgeous piece of original art that can transition from a baby’s room to pretty much anywhere in the house.

If you love wood, then you may like the Sandro mobile in a dark walnut that looks like it was snagged right out of a pricy mid-century vintage shop, among the Eames and the Saarinens.


Handmade wooden walnut mobile from Frazier and Wing

Felt circle mobile by Frazier and Wing on Cool Mom Picks

Frazier and Wing handmade wooden mobile in maple

Frazier and Wing handmade Dream mobile in black and white


Handmade paper mobiles from Frazier and Wing

Colorful paper mobiles from Frazier and Wing

These pieces really are original artwork, which is why the wood and felt pieces top $100. But look around the shop for lots of pretty new paper mobiles too, some with prices in the $20-30 range. That isn’t bad at all for something that would make me smile every time I look at it. Or look at a baby looking at it.

Find beautiful handmade mobiles online from the Frazier and Wing shop.

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