Today marks the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit in the Chinese zodiac and after last year’s “Year of the Tiger“, I’m more than ready to settle down with something a little more calm and sweet. This means our kids will roar less, right?

To commemorate the start of the year 4721, we’ve rounded up a bunch of adorable Chinese New Year gifts for a new little bunny in your life — or any that may hop your way before the year is done.
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The cutest new baby gifts for the Year of the Rabbit.
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Love this Year of the Rabbit birth year box from Tree by Kerri Lee.
It wouldn’t be a Chinese New Year round up without something gorgeous from long-time favorite Tree by Kerri Lee. Her Chinese zodiac Birth Year Boxes are such a pretty keepsake for a new boy or girl and come in four colors and two sizes. Her simply sweet illustration of a rabbit (shown at top) sits atop a well-made wooden box that is so much better than shoving all those little hold-on-to-forever tokens into a shoebox.
Beehive's pewter cup and utensils make a very special Year of the Rabbit baby gift.
The baby who is born with a pewter spoon in their mouth from Beehive Handmade is a lucky baby indeed (that’s how the saying goes, right?). Or choose a combo spoon and “spork” set, a shiny child-size pewter mug, or any combination for the newest baby in your life. Cute, but not cutesy, these heirloom-quality items are really useable and food safe, so no keeping them out of reach and untouched.


Boden's bunny cardigan sweater for babies makes a thoughtful gift for Chinese New Year's Year of the Rabbit.
Keep your bunny cozy this winter with Boden’s sweet, baby blue cardigan with little crocheted rabbits nestled on the sides. In sizes from newborn through 3 years, it’s okay to size up a little bit to make this last through the winter. Baby bunnies grow fast!
Nursery prints for the Year of the Rabbit.

Framed nursery art makes a special gift for a new baby, and there are so many options on Etsy depending on style and decor. Some of our favorites shown above include: The geometric-style downloadable rabbit from Cherry Blitz Studio,  this “water rabbit” image download which is part of a five-picture bundle made up of water, earth, metal, fire, wood rabbits from Gemaini Designs, and Zen Brush’s Year of the Rabbit painting which includes the personality traits of those born under this zodiac sign.

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Crochet baby rattle from Cheengoo for the Year of the Rabbit.

This adorable rabbit baby rattle from Cheengoo is hand-crocheted by artisan women in China of organically grown and sustainably harvested bamboo. And because we know babies (6 mos+) will drool allllll over it, we appreciate that it can be gently washed and dried in your machine. Really cute new-baby gift for under $20.

Oliver Chin's The Year of the Rabbit book is a fitting book gift for a baby born this year.
The author/illustrator team of Oliver Chin and Justin Roth have delighted us for years with their zodiac books based on the animals of the Chinese zodiac. The Year of the Rabbit is not first-baby-book reading, but it will still look cute on the nursery bookshelf. Plus, the story about a little boy and a bunny will still be a fun read when that baby is old enough to be all ears at story time. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)
How cute is this knit bunny hat from The Blueberry Hill for Chinese New Year?
Get out the camera! A baby born in this Year of the Rabbit will be ready for their closeup with this truly adorable knit bunny hat topped with flowers from The Blueberry Hill. Prefer the ears but not the blooms? They have several color combos without the flowers too. (at Maisonette)
L.A. Burdick's Lunar New Year chocolates are a delicious way to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit.
And, no, we don’t recommend giving babies chocolate, but let’s not forget their parents who could use a little pick-me-up after another 2am wake-up call. L.A. Burdick has an entire collection of delicious, handmade, ethically-sourced chocolates specifically for the Lunar New Year. from one ganache-filled rabbit for $3.95 to an entire crate of chocolates for $148.
But we especially love this reasonably priced, red-boxed sleeve shown above which is filled with chocolatey rabbits and unique bonbons flavored with red bean, five spice, and Yoja and Soju. But hurry, they’re only sold through the 27th of January and then they hop, hop, hop away.