My kids are rollers. I can’t count how many times I’ve gone to check on them while they sleep, only to find them on the floor. I’ve considered getting a bed rail but they think they’re so babyish. And when you’re a big four-year-old, is there a worse fate?  But then I discovered the new new Side Light bed rail from Babyhome which even my older kids think looks pretty cool.

If you recognize the name Babyhome it’s because they’re the amazing modern children’s design company responsible for the modern So-Ro cradle that we’ve all been coveting for the babies in our lives.

The fabric-coated bed rail tethers to the mattress which keeps it sturdy. It does arrive with some assembly required, so be ready to take a few minutes to put it together. The fabric is thick and durable and mercifully washable and it’s smartly designed with a breathable mesh window so your kiddo can see through it and not feel trapped behind some giant hunk of wood. Great way to transition babies into toddler beds, or toddlers into big kid beds. To say nothing of the tops of bunk beds.

However the really cool part is that it comes with a mild LED night light built right in.


Babyhome Side Light bed rail with built-in night light | Cool Mom PicksThe light is charged with a USB cable and the battery should last you 24 hours. (That’s a lot of “just 5 more minute, Mom!”)  What parents will love is that the light shuts off automatically after 30 minutes, and hopefully yours will be asleep by then. Plus that should give you a good month before charging it again, at least if your kid doesn’t keep turning it on over and over again.

I’m hoping Babyhome will extend their selection to the the gorgeous aqua, lime, mint and other fun colors they have in their Side bedrail collection (the same bedrail only without the light). Right now you’ll have to make do with red, blue, an ivory and a neutral grey. Either way, I’m just happy it does the most important job:  keeping my kids off of the floor.

The Babyhome Side Light bed rail with night light is available at our affiliate Amazon and other retailers including  for $99.