When I was growing up, my grandmother had a lovely little poster on her bathroom wall reminding us of all kinds of old fashioned bathroom manners. My favorite was the reminder not to “keep the bath an hour or more when other folks are wanting one” because, well, I always thought that seemed like a pretty long bath.

All those years reading that poster, though, and I’m now surprised (and admittedly a little disappointed) that my current bathroom wall is completely bare. But, that’s about to change now that I’ve discovered these sweet bathroom manners prints from Etsy shop, Niko + Lily. They are the answer to my lovingly decorated bathroom wall dreams.

Sold individually or in sets of four, their simple one-word reminders to brush, wash, flush and splash are absolutely adorable. Okay, even if “splash” isn’t necessarily about manners. But it does make kids more likely to want to bathe, so that’s something, right?

Bathroom Manners wall art from Nico + Lily Kids


I love the idea of grouping four of them together in a bathroom-matching quadriptych. (That’s a real word. I looked it up.) And it’s so great that there are so many color options to choose from. I can be a bit fickle when it comes to settling on color themes, so I always welcome a big selection with items like these.

I like to think that I’m now only four posters away from eliminating bad bathroom manners in my house forever. A mom can dream, right?

Find the  bathroom manners art prints from Niko + Lily Kids on Etsy. They’re $14.95 each unframed, or $39.95 for a set of four.

For more fun–and funny–ways to encourage kids to uh, behave, don’t miss these awesome John W Golden prints from back in our archives. 

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