Moms have long lamented the fact that newborns don’t come home from the hospital with instruction manuals. But Baby Pibu skin care for babies, founded by dermatologist mom Dr. Amy Kim, actually does come with instruction cards. Okay, so they only help with how to care for your infant’s skin, and not what the heck that cry means and how it’s different from those six other cries…but still.

The baby skin care market is flooded with products that claim to be safe for sensitive skin, but personally I feel pretty good knowing an actual dermatologist was behind the formulation. Also the fact that Baby Pibu leaves out the parabens, phthalates, sulfates, SLS, fragrance, dyes, and major allergens like dairy and soy.

So I think that nervous new parents (i.e. all of us) would be pretty psyched to get the Baby Pibu Newborn Essentials Skincare Kit at a shower gift. Especially because at $98, it’s not something they’d probably buy themselves–though it looks totally adorable and includes everything you need to clean and protect a newborn’s skin from head to toe. Including those smart instruction cards.


Baby Pibu skin care for babies is dermatologist formulated

The eight products include things like basic diaper rash and body creams for daily care, a hair brush, plus a few items that address specific skin issues like cradle cap and eczema.I’m a fan of the Pibu Bathtime Wash, a 2-in-1 hair and body wash recommended by the National Eczema Society, the Baby Sunscreen which is free of harmful chemicals and fragrance, and the Intensive Bottom Relief that helps soothe that diaper rash that new parents will get to experience soon enough.

Sorry about that.

Baby Pibu skin care products are now available online at Baby Pibu. Check out their comprehensive ingredient list to learn all about what goes into their products. Thumbs up, Dr. Amy!

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