My little guy isn’t old enough to be interested in fireworks yet–and I kind of hope he never is–but that doesn’t mean he can’t get into the 4th of July with some cool crafts for kids. For safety’s sake (and of course just for something fun to make with him) I came up with these fun red, white, and blue ribbon wands. I hope you like them as much as he does!

4th of July craft for kids: Red white and blue ribbon wand sparkler alternative | Cool Mom PIcks


This firework alternative only requires four materials and is easy enough that kids of all ages can help put them together and shake them around instead of sparklers.


Materials for Each Firework Wand

11.75″ white lollipop sticks (chopsticks can do in a pinch)
Red, white, and blue ribbons in different widths
Fabric scissors
Washi tape (I used red and white striped)

Small silver bell
Hot glue


4th of July craft for Kids: DIY ribbon Wand | Cool Mom Picks


How to Make the Firework Wand

Step 1: Cut 15 equal lengths of ribbon, 7 inches each.

Step 2: Gather five pieces at a time and with your fingers, hold them at the top of the lollipop stick.

Step 3: Take the washi tape and start to wrap it around the five ribbons and lollipop stick securing them to the top of the stick.

4th of July craft for kids: DIY ribbon wand tutorial | Cool Mom Picks

Step 4: Repeat this process two more times so there are lots of ribbons!


July 4th DIY craft for kids: How to make a ribbon wand on Cool Mom Picks
Step 5: Wrap washi tape around the bottom of the ribbon bundles to secure them, then cover the top of the stick with it to make it look pretty.

Step 6: Optional: If  using a bell, hot glue it to the top of the stick in the middle of the ribbons. This will add a fun noise when your child shakes the wand. Not that kids aren’t already great at making their very own fireworks whooshes and booms.


July 4th Craft: DIY Ribbon Wand step-by-step tutorial | Cool Mom Picks

Let your child shake until his heart’s content while you sit back and enjoy, since there is no “fire” in these fireworks. Because, yeah, we’re parents. We get it.


Easy 4th of July craft: Red white and blue ribbon wand for kids | Cool Mom Picks


Welcome to Jenn, our amazing new craft  contributor who’s going to make crafters out of all of us yet. 

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