When you think tea, you think Mr. T, right? Smooth, powerful, totally in control of a rainy afternoon next to the sleeping cat, B.A. Baracus pities the fool who doesn’t enjoy a nice cuppa.

This Mr. Tea Tea Set for One from Squackdoodle on Etsy is an upcycled teapot and tea cup printed with an image of Mr. T and, well, the words “Mr. Tea.” Just as straightforward and cool as Mr. T himself. Considering the three pretty colors, maybe B.A. should change his name from Bad Attitude to Blissful Afternoon.


Mr T Mr Tea Teapot on Etsy

After checking the feedback, it looks like the image is a transfer rather than a print onto the ceramic, so be sure to hand-wash for optimal longevity. You want a cup like this to make it into reruns.

Find the Mr. T teapot set at Squackdoodle. They also have cups and mugs based on Bill Murray, Justin Timberlake, Harry Potter, House MD, Jake Ryan, and more pop culture icons. Did we mention Jake Ryan?

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