I know, I know – this is going to turn into the ABLE accessories blog if they don’t stop coming out with gorgeous, very wearable handmade accessories that help support women around the world. Recently we introduced you to their new jewelry, and we were thrilled to see how many of you snatched up the affordable bracelets–sometimes three or four at a time for layering. (Nice!)  Now they’re out with a new leather tote that is so amazing, even I was impressed when I saw it in person. And I’m pretty picky with my leather.

The Mamuye leather tote is named for one of the Ethiopian women who designed it. And what design it is; the gorgeous leather is soft and supple and super high-quality, and I’m especially impressed with how lightweight the whole is – the weight of most leather totes tends to keep me from buying one. And those 12″ straps? Exactly how I like them. In fact, if I had to design a leather tote, this might be it.

It’s a perfect four-season bag, though right now my mind is on beach trips or easy weekends in the country.

No wonder it may be the most popular handbag we’ve ever featured here — all these years later, our readers are still telling us how beautifully they hold up!

Updated for 2024
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FashionABLE leather tote

FashionABLE leather tote

At under $200, it’s a phenomenally good deal for this kind of quality. Plus it comes with a nifty little detachable leather pouch that’s great for tucking in your phone, or better, your keys so they don’t slosh around and scratch up everything else. (Story of my life.)

And let’s not forget that every purchase supports the women who make them in meaningful ways.

Find the Mamuye leather tote by ABLE (formerly fashionABLE)  through this link.