I’m a sucker for cool serving dishes, and right now I’m loving these handmade ceramic bowls from Marina Marinski at her Etsy shop, Marinksi Handmades. Marina’s engraved illustrations are whimsical and seriously cool. Don’t they kind of have a Secret of the Kells, art house animated film look?  Which means even though they’re illustrated, they’re not too cute for me to set out when my own friends come over. Although mostly, with those faces hidden in the bottom of the bowl, I’m thinking they’ll encourage my kids to eat all of the carrot sticks in there just to uncover them.


Handmade ceramic bowls from Marinski Handmades | Cool Mom Picks

Orange handmade ceramic bowl from Marinski Handmades| Cool Mom Picks

Each ceramic bowl is made to order, and they’re made to be used for food, so all the glazes are lead-free and food-safe, and ridiculously cute. you can even use them in the microwave and dishwasher. The only downside is that between the custom design and international shipping you probably won’t have yours this week. Unless you live in Croatia. Which happens to be lovely this time of year.

Order your custom-made illustrated bowls from Marinski Handmades for just $35 each.


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