It takes a lot to impress me in the lip gloss department, and I have a graveyard of half-finished tubes lying around to prove it.  But after trying out the High Shine Liquid Lipstick as part of the Perfois Pink Lip Kit from celeb makeup artist (and mom of three) Mally Roncal of Mally Beauty, I must say…yep. Impressed.

A lot.

If you’re all about the lips, this kit is for you with your three basic lip essentials: a velvety lipstick, a lip pencil, and a gloss pen they call High Shine Liquid Lipstick –which is in fact the highlight of the kit for me.

Apply it over the lip liner to get the most gorgeously rich but still light and glossy color that’s perfect for the office or nighttime. Over the lipstick it gets even richer if yo like a strong lip. But as someone who prefers for a slightly darker eye with a lighter, low-maintenance lip, I really love how perfect the gloss is on its own.

The name Liquid Lipstick might sound gimmicky considering it’s not actually a lipstick but I get it; it has enough pigment in it to give you more coverage (and a little more staying power) than a typical gloss, but still has that  a gorgeous, slightly shimmery, not-too-sticky shine. It definitely holds better than most glosses I’ve tried.

As for the form, it’s comes in that Touche Eclat style pen, where you twist the back to release the gloss onto a brush. I always find this helps me apply it more evenly and professionally than I can do with a regular wand, and beats toting both a pot of gloss and a separate lip brush everywhere I go.


Mally Beauty High Shine Liquid Lipstick Pen | Cool Mom Picks

The colors I’ve seen so far are wonderful: The Starburst, shown here, is a perfect pink that’s not too ballet slipper (you know what I mean) and is going to be one of my new summer staples. And I gasped when Kristen tried on the Bordeaux, and immediately insisted she keep it. We both couldn’t believe how rich the color was and how great it looked on her. (Although frankly, she looks good right out of bed in the morning.) The Orchid splits the difference for me – More mauve than deep purple, so you look polished but not like HEY I’M WEARING LIPSTICK.

We both agreed that the scent of the lip glosses are pretty neutral; if you’re used to something a little fruity or floral this isn’t it. But then, I like that I’m not licking my lip gloss off in the first five minutes either.

It’s just a great gloss you’re after, I definitely recommend the High Shine Liquid Lipstick. Though considering a single tube costs $20, while the complete lip kit is $30, the latter is really the bargain and gives you a lot of versatility. And hey, if you’re gloss-obsessed, you can get a pack of three versatile, pretty colors for $30 in the High Shine Liquid Lipstick Trio and go nuts.  That’s like drugstore prices for a way better product.

Order the High Shine Liquid Lipstick, packs of three in the High Shine Liquid Lipstick Trio, or a complete set with a lip liner and a lipstick in the  Perfois Pink Lip Kit all at Mally Beauty. Thanks to Mally for providing us samples for review.