If you haven’t yet noticed from the humidity, the complaints about the humidity, and the abundance of ice cream requests to beat the humidity, summer is in full force. So we are so excited to be partnering with the one and only Martha Stewart as one of the site’s official bloggers for their Savor Summer project.

Think of it like a big online crafting party. And you don’t even have to bring us a bottle of chilled wine or anything.

On Martha Stewart, on our own site, and on other excellent blogs, you’ll find all sorts of cool crafts, projects and DIY inspiration for the next few weeks, all to help you savor every last minute of summer.

In our case, we’ll be focusing on summer play.

We have a lot of kids between us. We know a little bit about play.

The cool part is, you are invited to join in and create your own cool things, then share the ideas on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, MySpace, Friendster – you name it. Just use the hashtag #SavorSummer and not only will the awesome folks at Martha promote some of their faves, but three randomly chosen Savor Summer participants will get some cool little goodies from the Martha Stewart American Made Market on eBay.

You can even tag @MarthaStewart,  and tag @CoolMomPicks on Pinterest and Instagram and Twitter and beyond…  so we can be sure give you a shout out.

Plus, it will be a fun way to connect with you all and see what you’re doing with your families to have a little fun over the next few weeks. Because really, no one inspires us more than our own readers.

#SavorSummer with Cool Mom Picks + Martha Stewart

Follow the #SavorSummer hashtag on your favorite social media channels to find inspiring summer crafts and projects, and share your own. Also keep an eye on Cool Mom Picks for some summer play projects of our own, and visit  the Savor Summer page at Martha Stewart which will be packed with more great ideas every day.