Who knew July was Family Reunion Month? Actually uh, we didn’t. But now we do. And with so many families headed out for vacations this summer, it’s not really a surprise. But oof, planning a big reunion can be a huge undertaking, which is why we love that our partner Homeaway at least makes it easier when it comes to finding a family rental property. A nice one.

A super nice one. That we  may be potentially drooling over through our computer screens.

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So we poked around at Homeaway and had the best time putting together a collection of some of our favorite family rentals that sleep 11 people or more. There’s something to be said for having a kitchen for cooking, a group space for family meals, and separate bedrooms–all for way less than renting four or five hotel rooms.

And uh, the swimming pools don’t hurt.

HomeAway family rentals: Sundance

Sundance Luxury Lodge Family Rental | Sleeps 20

Sorry, Robert Redford is not included. But the gorgeous mountain views are.


HomeAway family rentals: Kissimmee

Disney Area Family Rental in Kissimmee | Sleeps 24

Close enough to Disney so that the Mouse fans can enjoy the park. Though that pool might just be more enticing on a hot day.

HomeAway family rentals: Malibu

Malibu House Family Rental | Sleeps 12

We’re pretty sure this Pacific view would quell any family fights. (Not that there would be family fighting at a reunion.)


HomeAway family rentals: Bridgehampton

Bridgehampton House  | Sleeps 20

A perfect Hamptons location for East Coast families. And the beaches nearby area amazing–if you ever make it out of the house.


HomeAway family rentals: Pigeon Forge

Pigeon Forge Cabin Rental | Sleeps 16

This fantastic cabin is a far cry from the one-room cabins of yore. And thank goodness for that. Check out the other photos!

 Interestingly, Home Away conducted a survey to figure out exactly what families are looking for when it comes to family reunions. 81 percent say that while their biggest memory is spending time together (aw!) that doesn’t mean they want to be stuck outside at a huge, hot campsite for hours. (Count us in on that one.) More than one-third said vacation homes are the way to go, and having rented them ourselves for trips with our own families, we think the other respondents just haven’t tried them yet.

Can you see why we’re such fans? Especially at these prices, compared with hotels.

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HomeAway family rentals: Santa Fe Rass Mandal

Santa Fe Rass Mandal Rental | Sleeps 12

What an amazing destination for an adventurous family complete with a yoga studio. Look inside: This one was even featured on House Hunters!

HomeAway family rentals: Truro, Cape Cod

HomeAway family rentals: Truro, Cape Cod

Truro, Cape Cod Family Rental | Sleeps 20

You’ll have this entire Cape Cod property to yourself, just moments from P-Town but in a more quiet location.


HomeAway family rentals: Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Heights Townhouse Family Rental | Sleeps 11

Gorgeous townhouse only steps away from the beautiful promenade overlooking Manhattan…and our Editor, Liz.
She’ll bring over wine for dinner!


HomeAway family rentals: Homer House, Alaska

HomeAway family rentals: Homer House, Alaska

Homer House, Alaska Family Rental | Sleeps 30

If the house weren’t spectacular enough (also shown at very top), we’re pretty sure we’d only see our kids for meals when they discover the 1400 square foot “Neverland”-themed playroom.

HomeAway family rentals: Lake Michigan

Lakeside Modern Farmhouse Rental by Lake Michigan | Sleeps 18

A tasteful, modern option for midwest families with all the comforts of home (and then some), just walking distance from the lake.


HomeAway family rentals: North Carolina Ocean Isle

North Carolina Ocean Isle Beach Waterfront House Rental | Sleeps 28

For an Outer Banks vacation, this amazing home has something for everyone, including plenty of space for alone time.

HomeAway family rentals: San Diego

Del Mar House Rental | Sleeps 13

 We love this amazing home in San Diego count so much we might actually want to move in. Like, forever.

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And for more fun ideas, don’t miss these outrageous family vacation rentals, many of which are perfect for a very cool  family reunion too. 

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