Of course we are all guilty in today’s society of overpraising our children; everyone gets a trophy right? Yeah, not in my world. However, there is nothing wrong with a little extra parental encouragement. So, as I am starting to assemble the back to school shopping goodies, I came across these cool pencils that double as a clever “you can do it!” back to school goodie, and just could not resist.

This update on the classic No.2 pencil reads Not No. 2…. Always No. 1, and is just straight up smile inducing. These cool pencils are a perfect addition to the pencil box that can be just as endearing as a printable lunch note from mom in the lunch box and honestly, less embarrassing.

Cool Pencils for back to school: Not No. 2...Always No. 1 at We Are All Smith Etsy shop

Laser engraved by We Are All Smith of Santa Monica whose otherwise manly Etsy collection is now bookmarked for a revisit at Father’s Day, these little etchers are sweet and to the point. Get it? To the point? Pick up a set of these for your back to school stash or as a pick me up for a friend, because sometimes we all need a little reminder of just how great we are. Or how great we can be. If  we’d just stop texting during social studies.

Pick up a 4 pack of the cool “Not No. 2” pencils for $9 at We Are All Smith