The sting of summer ending can be hard to bear, but I know that accessories always make me feel better. I mean uh, my kids. So take a look at this adorable line of personalized lunch boxes  by Itzy Ritzy for, of all places, Shutterfly. Maybe it will help?

We have covered many lunch boxes,  but the Lunch Happens lunch bags may be the first line I’ve seen where you can personalize a lunch box with your kid’s name and pictures. It being Shutterfly and all. The designs are pretty cute — robots, fruit with faces, colorful photo bubbles. Once you’ve picked one, it’s really easy to upload photos from your phone or computer to their site, add a name (or initials, if you prefer) and truly make the lunch box your own. Definitely a step up from labeling it with a Sharpie.

Personalizable lunch boxes by Itzy Ritzy for Shutterfly

Personalized lunch boxes by Itzy Ritzy for Shutterfly with photos
Personalized lunch boxes by Itzy Ritzy for Shutterfly | It's insulated!

Personalized robot lunch box with photo by Itzy Ritzy for Shutterfly


I’ve checked them out, and the lunch boxes are great quality and feel a lot more durable than others I have used in the past. There’s a thick, insulated, wipeable lining that will keep items cold, so that apple juice actually has a shot of still being drinkable by lunch. I also appreciate the buckle on the handle that makes it easy to clip to the outside of a backpack.

If you look closely at the photo, you’ll see these lunch boxes aren’t huge. There’s enough room for a sandwich, a couple of bagged snacks, a piece of fruit and a small drink container. So I think they’re perfect for younger kids in preschool or kindergarten, but not big enough for an older kid who’s downing Dagwood sandwiches–and would probably find the designs too young anyway.

Check out the whole line of personalized lunch boxes by Itzy Ritzy for Shutterfly.  And for more fun ideas, check out our back to school guide to the coolest lunch boxes and bags for kids


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