As we prepare for baby #2, I dug out our old, flattened diaper bag, and I’m suddenly revisiting the idea of ditching it and just working with a cool tote. Luckily someone has gone a step further and invented an adaptable solution. Check out Mother Load eco-friendly baby bags.

Mother Load bags are the brainchild of another mom who just couldn’t get used to conventional diaper bags, and wanted to use her own bags to adapt her packing approach instead. She created these eco-friendly mesh and nylon bags to help sort and organize her load o’ mom stuff and keep the chaos to a minimum.

While yes, you can use whatever you have lying around as a wet bag, these are pretty fun. Each bag is color-coded and embroidered with a cute image to help you grab what you need quickly–snacks, toys, diapers (this bag even comes with a changing pad), clean clothes and dirty clothes. It’s way more efficient than my former, not-so-earth-loving friend Mr. Plastic Bag, plus these bags are durable, washable and fast-drying. The price puts them squarely in “nice shower gift!” territory.


Eco friendly baby bags by Mother Load make a cool shower gift

As a super planner, I really like the idea of keeping my must-have items sorted out for easy identification and access, ready to stash away in a regular handbag, briefcase, or the car and stay organized wherever I go. I’m even thinking that the black leather tote I have been lusting for this coming season might just work after all. So peace out, old diaper bag.

You can purchase the full Mother Load collection of eco friendly baby bags  for $75 or buy the bags individually for $15 each. Smaller sets are also available at the Mother Load web store.