Having three babies in the past nine years has taught me that I need to be able to find what I need in my diaper bag, stat. There is no time for digging around to find the wipes when I’m dealing with a diaper blowout, or for, well, anything during those lovely tantrums at the grocery store. So with my next baby, I’m going to be carrying a PacaPod diaper bag, a fab diaper bag just introduced in the U.S. that keeps things organized in zip pouches, or pods (hence the bag name) for easy access.

Designer Jacqueline Waggett is a mom of two girls who learned what it meant to travel light when she cycled the the world. Yes, cycled. And I was happy with the 10,000 steps on my Fitbit. And so, she pulled from that experience as inspiration for her line of smart diaper bags.

PacaPod Moab diaper bag

When you unzip the PacaPod’s front panel, you reveal two pods, which are actually standalone zip pouches –one for feeding and one for diapering. They fit snugly inside, but they also have velcro handles that easily attach to your stroller if you’re stepping out quickly and you only need one. Smart, right?

The diapering pod has room for diapers, wipes, diaper cream, a wet-dry bag, and even a light change of clothes, while the feeding pod can hold a couple bottles, a few snack boxes, a bib, silverware, and more wipes. (Because I always need more wipes. Don’t we all?) The pods are pretty generously sized, but the bag magically still feels compact, portable and not nearly as bulky as some others I’ve carried. And there’s even a panel that zips out to become a baby changing mat.


PacaPod Coromandel bag

PacaPod Oban bag

PacaPod Portland bag

If you’re a dump ‘n’ go kind of mom (no judgment here), who doesn’t necessarily love a bag with lots of pockets and pouches, this might not be the bag for you. But if you’re wanting to get more organized or want to be able find things quickly, then the PacaPod bags are for you. And honestly, they’re so stylish and functional, I wouldn’t mind carrying these bags even if I didn’t have that cute kid in tow.

Shop for your PacaPod diaper bag at PacaPod.com or at a boutique near you.

Thanks, PacaPod, for sending us a sample to try out. For more cool diaper bags, check out our archives!