My kids wear uniforms to school, which makes it hard for them to find ways to express their personalities while staying within the dress code. One great option is of course custom backpacks (and backpack accessories) that reflect their fun spirits, like the new ones we just discovered from Adelaide NYC, already one of our favorite spots for kids’ accessories.

They’re pricy, but definitely something we haven’t seen before.

DIY backpack in this case means design it yourself, which is definitely easier and less messy than handing your kids a sewing machine and some backpack fabric. Kids can choose from 12 different geometric patterns or solid colors, then pick one of the 15 pocket image options created by popular Brazilian accessories maker (and former Anna Sui designer) Flavia Carvalho Pinto. More than half are the cutesie puppy graphics she is famous for, but they also have a fox, birds, hearts, and the word LOVE.

(Sorry, no rocket ships or zombie robots.)

Each image is available as one large patch on the pocket or as an all-over pattern. The small backpack is perfect for preschoolers, while I’d choose the large backpack for elementary age kids.

Custom Flavia Carvalho Pinto backpack patch designs at Adelaide NYC

Flavia Carvalho Pinto design-your-own backpacks at Adelaide NYC

They look adorable, but there’s one catch (and it’s a biggie): The price. Holy cow. It’s $120 for a large kids’ backpack, mamas. This is definitely one for the children of the rich and famous, who think it’s a steal compared with Flavia’s $500 diaper bags.

Log on to let your kids have fun designing their custom backpacks by Flavia Carvalho Pinto at Adelaide New York. Shipping takes about two weeks.

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